Our Services


Schools and Colleges

Aimed to give the younger generations the tools they need later in life; to have a better understanding of their social environment and amplify their ability for self learning and emotional development.

Local Services

We are committed to the improvement of local services so that people who suffer in silence can get the help they need in their community.

Private Businesses

We offer workplace seminars and workshops to give company employees an understanding of the signs for mental health illnesses. 1 in 3 current sick related leave days is directly related to mental health well-being.

Work with a Team of Real People

Industry professionals are all well and good, but real personal experience speaks true to most people.

Our team here at Change Talks have all suffered (and still do) with the pressure that life brings, we work alonside industry professionals so that the delivery of our events and talks maintain the highest possible standard, for you. Our Audience.

Using structured and uncomplicated methods our team can effectively guide the audience to bring about small changes, which have a massive effect, to a persons mental well-being.

These include monologue speeches, interactive sessions, open forum Q&A and you might even catch us singing a song if the mood takes us.

What People Think

Some kind words from our events.

“Really inspiring, brave and motivated group of individuals. Thak you for sharing your stories.”

Community Event, Leyland SRBC

“It’s changed my perception on life, people, helping others as well as myself. It made me feel like I want to help myself and ways that i can help myself. I’d often feel worthless. Stuck in my own mind. I think people need to be reminded that they ‘are somebody’.”

S&C Event, Riverside College

“One of the best events I have been to. So nice to know that there’s others feeling the same. Definately need to be more like this”

Community Event, Carlisle Eden

Let’s Work Together

If you have an event or project in mind, why not let us know about it. We will try our best to support you any way we can. Whether it be speaking and helping you organise your own event or by us taking the pressure and running one on your behalf, let us know.